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June 2018 Archives

Georgia DUI laws and potential punishments if convicted

Driving under the influence and other intoxicated driving behaviors have been high on law enforcement's radar for the last several decades. Even within the last several years, new specific and in some cases, stricter legislation has been released in connection with drunk driving accusations and convictions. Whether it be in the way law enforcement detects or suspects drunk driving, the process by which they arrest or file charges or the penalties a person could face, if convicted, DUI laws have changed rapidly over the years.

How does one work their story into their criminal defense?

Georgia laws and ordinances are in place with the hope of keeping citizens happy, safe and healthy. However, these laws do not account for every possible situation that may befall a person. Sometimes, the law does not account for those discrepancies. When accused of a crime, each person has the right to build a criminal defense against criminal charges.

Former Gwinnett county police officer accused of theft

It's proof that no-one escapes the long arm of the law when an ex-police officer is accused of theft and property crimes. While the woman hasn't officially been employed with Gwinnett county since 2014, she is facing charges related to alleged thefts that occurred while she was employed with the police department. Theft crimes can manifest with physical property and it can also happen electronically. The latter are the focus of the accusations against the former police officer.

Have you been charged with reckless driving?

Getting a ticket happens to most people during their lives. Whether the situation comes about due to going over the speed limit, failing to use a turn signal or any of numerous other infractions, it can still seem burdensome to have to receive a citation. In some cases, you may even feel that the ticket was unwarranted.

Ways to be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia

For many people, drug use is an occasional occurrence, not part of a person's regular routine. However, the law specifies that any amount of illicit drug use can be punishable by law. There are many different types of drug charges that one may be facing in connection with alleged drug use. One of those charges is known as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Can you be charged with DUI while using legal prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs are common and many Gwinnett area residents are prescribed any number of legal drugs for a variety of ailments and conditions. However, drugs can have side-effects. This includes prescription drugs that are legally prescribed by a doctor or other medical professional. One must be aware of the potential side effects that prescription drugs could cause or it could result in consequences with the law.

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