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August 2018 Archives

Can victims of domestic violence seek a protection order?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. However, it most frequently happens to couples residing at the same residence, and, statistically, the victims are typically women. Protection orders are available to anyone who believes they are a victim of domestic violence. There are many different kinds of protection orders and they can be enforced based on Georgia state law.

Theft & property crimes can have far-reaching consequences

There are many non-violent crimes one can be accused of. However, one type of crime that can have far-reaching consequences is theft & property crimes. Why is theft such a big deal? What factors can compound a theft accusation to make the charge more serious?

DUI, more charges for man arrested after crash

Another serious car collision in Gwinnett county left one toddler age daughter without a mother. Late last month there was a multi-vehicle wreck in Gwinnett county. It was allegedly caused by a driver who is accused of being intoxicated at the time of the crash. Pending charges are severe, as one woman succumbed to her injuries that were sustained in the accident.

Drug possession, intent to distribute are two different charges

Every person has their faults. For some, drug use may be a part of their lifestyle. While there are many reasons one may want to avoid drugs, the law may be one of the biggest reasons. There are laws, both state and federal, that mandate how drug charges like drug possession and intent to distribute are handled.

What are 'schedules' when it comes to drug charges?

Possession of illegally obtained prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs can land a person in legal hot water. Most people know that allegations that one is in possession of illegal drugs can lead to drug charges. The penalties associated with drug possession laws in Georgia are based upon what "schedule" the drug falls under (aside from marijuana possession).

Is your rage out of control behind the wheel?

Deep down, you know you do not own the road. However, it may be hard to resist the feeling that some other drivers really shouldn't be behind the wheel. It may seem more obvious when you are trying to get to work, eager to get home from work or in a hurry to be somewhere important, which is almost every time you are driving.

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