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June 2016 Archives

A variety of legal options are available for domestic violence

Being involved in family and domestic violence can be overwhelming and have significant consequences for the family and the parties involved. In domestic violence situations, an arrest may be made or a protective order may be filed. The party that is accused of domestic violence may have to leave the family home and be ordered to stay away from the family home. A temporary protective order is typically granted and the court may extend it for six months to a year.

The importance of a criminal defense strategy

This blog recently discussed possible defenses to robbery charges. If charged with a crime, any crime, it can be helpful to understand criminal defense options and strategies and how criminal defense strategies are developed. A criminal defense strategy and story will be influenced by the story the prosecution is telling about the accused individual and the criminal charges the accused individual is facing. As such, each criminal defense strategy is unique and different and it is important to be aware of the options when facing something as serious as criminal charges.

What are possible defenses to robbery charges?

As is true of all criminal charges, robbery charges are serious charges for anyone to be facing. For individuals facing robbery charges, and perhaps their families, they may wonder what criminal defense options are available in response to robbery charges. It is important to keep in mind that criminal defense options are always available to accused individuals who always have the right to defend against the charges they are facing.

Georgia high school football coach and wife arrested for theft

Facing criminal charges is a situation no one ever wants to be in but protections are available to accused individuals. The head football coach and Athletic Director of a high school in a Georgia community several hours south of the Gwinnett area was recently arrested on theft charges. The football coach's wife, who serves as cheerleading coach, was also arrested on theft charges. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced that the couple was arrested on theft by taking charges. The couple is facing felony charges for allegedly taking athletic funds they were responsible for administering.

The serious nature of cocaine charges in Georgia

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of drug charges. It is important to note that some illicit drugs are treated more seriously than others. Cocaine, for instance, may be treated more seriously than marijuana; however, it is important to also keep in mind that all drug charges are serious. Cocaine charges in Georgia can have serious consequences so it is important to know what they are.

Understanding and responding to drug charges is important

Drug trafficking charges are serious criminal charges. Individuals charged with drug trafficking and drug possession face long prison sentences and other potential penalties and consequences associated with drug charges. Unfortunately, individuals facing accusations of drug crimes may run into situations when authorities do not follow all the procedures that are required to protect the rights of accused individuals or circumstances when the charges against them may be overly aggressive.

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