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July 2017 Archives

Pop singer faces DUI charge in Georgia

Pop singer Aaron Carter publicly denied that he had engaged in drunk driving on Georgia's roads after being arrested for and charged with DUI in a county about an hour north of the Atlanta area. He did admit that he had marijuana in his vehicle at the time of his arrest. Carter says he uses the drug to treat his anxiety and explained that it was not affecting his driving the evening of his arrest.

If the victim recants, are domestic violence charges dismissed?

Most of the time, domestic violence charges are largely a matter of one person's word against the other. This means that some people in the Gwinnett County suburbs of Atlanta might think that if an alleged victim of domestic violence recants his or her story by saying the violence did not happen or simply refuses to cooperate, then the criminal case is effectively over.

Has disturbing the peace disrupted your life?

Maybe it's just not in you to play by the rules, and you are willing to take chances if it means having a good time with friends or making your point loud and clear. You may make enemies as easily as you make friends, but your presence guarantees that those around will have an interesting time. On the other hand, maybe being loud and boisterous is not your style, and you just got caught up in the moment.

Even a "little" crime can have far reaching consequences

Many residents of Gwinnett County, Georgia, may not see most property crimes as all that serious. Many pre-teens, teenagers and young adults, more than one might think, have been accused of theft on account of an alleged shoplifting incident, and others get in trouble with the law for pranks like painting graffiti or stringing toilet paper on someone's property.

Three charged in death of business executive

Officials claim that three men invaded the upscale home of an elderly business executive who lived in the Atlanta metro area and fatally stabbed him in the course of a robbery. Although two of the men were arrested shortly after the incident, one man was arrested one week later, after police located him at his house. The arrest reportedly happened peacefully and without incident.

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