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April 2017 Archives

Football recruit released after domestic violence charge

Domestic incidents involving violence are a serious concern for families and are treated as such by the legal process. But when it comes to allegations of domestic violence, this does not only impact the individual being charged following the incident, but it can also have a negative effect on loved ones involved in the incident. This could even strain the relationship, resulting in a harmed personal and professional reputation as well.

Knowledge of options is crucial when facing drug charges

Circumstances can sometimes lead to situations that are less than desirable and may result in criminal charges. In addition, there are times that the police may not follow all the required procedures designed to protect the rights of the accused individual. In circumstances of drug possession and drug trafficking, accused offenders can face harsh penalties and consequences, which is why they should be familiar with criminal justice resources.

Busted at a bus stop

It is already spring, but the school year doesn't end for a couple of months. As summer approaches, drivers may get complacent about the presence of school buses, and children may be careless when crossing the street. Nevertheless, Georgia school bus laws are strict, and rightly so.

License reinstatement in Georgia following a DUI

Having a driver's license can be important for daily life and for getting to work. If a license has been suspended because of a DUI charge, it can be important for the accused individual to understand the license reinstatement process. In Georgia, those convicted of Driving Under the Influence, possessing illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle and some other charges are required to participate a DUI, Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction program.

What are underage DUI laws in Georgia?

Underage drinking and driving laws can be especially serious, which is why young people, their parents and others may wonder what the underage drunk driving laws are in Georgia. There are different standards for what is considered driving under the influence for drivers who are under the legal drinking age. Because the legal limit to drive is so much lower for underage drinkers, it is important to be familiar with the differences in the law.

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