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What is considered to be a bribe?

We all want to get our way and experience favorable outcomes as much as possible. This often causes individuals to take additional steps to ensure that this course takes place. While this could be a valid and legal step to take in some cases, in others, it could be considered illegal. When an individual seeks to influence a government or public official or employee by providing gifts or money, this is considered bribery if it is in exchange for favorable treatment. Such conduct could result in a bribery charge.

What is considered to be a bribe? Bribes can include property, goods, privileges, services and favors, and they are always intended to influence or alter the conduct of individuals. In most cases, bribery goes hand in hand with both political and public corruption. Oftentimes, both the person offering the bribe and accepting the bribe will face charges of bribery.

Three credit union employees accused of theft

Property laws have been designed to protect the personal property of individuals in Georgia and elsewhere. In addition, criminal laws have been designed to penalize those who have taken property that does not belong to them. Those accused of theft could face serious penalties if convicted; therefore, it is important that defendants understand the charges against them and what steps they could take to overcome this situation, initiate a defense and avoid consequences.

In the line of work, some individuals could face theft allegations. This is what recently occurred at a credit union. According to reports, three employees were accused of stealing money from the credit union in less than a week. These former employees were from Georgia, Ohio and New York.

Man faces multiple offenses for DUI after crashing into trooper

When a Georgia resident is faced with drunk driving charges, they can be made significantly worse if there is a crash with injuries along with the DUI. Law enforcement is consistently on the lookout for drivers who are intoxicated. If there is an accident and the driver is believed to be under the influence, there will be a drunk driving arrest. While it might seem difficult to combat these charges, especially after an accident, protecting your future is paramount and a legal professional can help.

A 44-year-old county worker was placed under arrest after he crashed his vehicle into a Georgia State Trooper who was directing traffic. The accident occurred at approximately 6:30 a.m. The driver was in a 2003 BMW 325. The officer had on his protective reflective vest when he was hit. After an investigation, the driver of the vehicle was placed under arrest. The officer, 35, was taken to the hospital with a broken leg and had surgery. The driver is facing multiple offenses including driving recklessly and DUI. He was once a county deputy himself during the 1990s. He resigned from his job with the county where he had worked as a meter reader for the water and sewer department.

Your future may hang in the balance of your balance skills

Remember when you were a kid and you'd compete against your siblings or friends to see who could stand on one foot the longest? Little did you know then that being the champion of the game in your Georgia neighborhood would one day come in handy during a traffic stop. Standing on one foot (while counting out loud) is a common type of Field Sobriety Test that a police officer may ask you to perform if he or she suspects you of drunk driving.

There are several types of FSTs. An officer can't legally obligate you to comply to the request to take such tests. Your refusal may come back to haunt you later, however, if you wind up facing charges in court. Even though results of FSTs are typically not admissible as evidence in court, prosecutors may use the fact that you refused a test against you. Therefore, it's best to know your rights ahead of time, as well as what to expect if a cop asks you to step out of your car and walk a straight line.

Man faces drug offenses after police rescue dog in car

People who are facing allegations of drug offenses in Georgia must be aware of the potentially serious consequences they will face regardless of the circumstances. If it is a person who has been arrested previously, it becomes even more imperative that they know what they are confronted with. In some cases, the drug charges can arise as law enforcement is investigating another issue. Having legal assistance for any arrest for charges linked to drugs is vital and should be first and foremost on the person's mind.

Law enforcement was called when a person saw a dog locked inside a hot vehicle in a Walmart parking lot. When they arrived at around 4 p.m., they were unable to test the heat in the vehicle, so animal services were called. They freed the animal and in the process, the officer saw marijuana. The driver of the vehicle and a companion returned at around 5 p.m.

Helping you resolve domestic dispute matters

Family matter can be complex, but when they turn hostile or violent, this could evolve into a domestic violence situation. Allegations of domestic abuse can stem from a wide variety of situations; divorce and family law matters are two frequent ones. Being on either side of a domestic dispute can be difficult and emotional; however, facing criminal charges can further complicate the matter, especially since it could result in criminal penalties.

At the Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C., our experienced legal team has helped individuals who have been on either side of a domestic abuse case. We fight tirelessly to help our clients who believe that they need protection from physical abuse, threats of violence and even stalking. On the other hand, our law firm has helped clients take action against frivolous claims of domestic assault. Thus, we are dedicated and prepared to help individuals in the Atlanta area who are on either side of a domestic violence matter.

Understanding domestic violence charges and restraining orders

Not all family members and significant others get along. While this can be part of the natural ups and downs in life, when these fights escalate, they can result in serious situations. If a dispute turns physical, this could result in a domestic violence. Ultimately, this could mean one or more people facing domestic dispute charges, which could mean enduring serious criminal penalties.

When an individual is in a domestic violence situation, he or she might file for a temporary restraining order. In the state of Georgia, this is a court order that directs what an individual can or cannot do. Simply, it is piece of paper signed by a judge that states the specific terms concerning what the named person must follow. The failure to comply could result in legal consequences.

Georgia woman charged with DUI after colliding with police car

Some motorists take advantage of the fact that they can drive a vehicle, not acknowledging that it is a privilege. Because of that, drivers can be negligent, careless and reckless at times. Although, for the most part, drivers understand the rules of the road and abide by them as a means to avoid a collision, this does not mean that these rules are always followed. When a driver is accused of driving under the influence, this is not only a presumed dangers situation, but it is also a suspected traffic violation that could result in harsh penalties. Even more so, a motorist could face severe outcomes if the DUI charges stem from an accident.

According to recent reports, a Georgia woman was charged with a DUI following an accident. Preliminary reports claim that the woman, who s in her late 20s, hit a police officer that was directing traffic from their squad car. The accident took place around 4:30 a.m. on Highway 400 near Alpharetta.

Can you get back a suspended license in Georgia?

Losing your right to drive is serious. It can impact your ability to take yourself to work, school and other important places. It can impact your career, your education and even taking your kids back and forth to school. If you lost your Georgia driver's license to suspension, you need to know how to get it back as quickly as possible.

Many people think that the only way to lose a driver's license in Georgia is by drinking and driving. While that is certainly a common way to lose a license, it is only one of several. No matter why you lost your license, you may find it beneficial to reach out for help as you attempt to reinstate your driving privileges.

How does the drug court program work in Georgia?

Pleading guilty to a criminal charge is not often an ideal step for defendants to take. However, for some individuals in Georgia facing drug charges, pleading guilty could have some advantages. If the accused meets certain standards set by the program, a drug diversion or drug treatment program could be implemented instead of the defendant facing penalties such as prison time and hefty fine.

In Gwinnett County, defendants facing drug charges could go through drug court, which is a four-phase intervention program. In order to go through this program, though, defendants must be adults that have pled guilty to a non-violent drug offense. Additionally, it must be apparent that the individual has had difficulty staying clean and sober.

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