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Man charged with DUI, related charges after fatal accident

An Atlanta man recently lost his life in a motor vehicle accident that claimed his life. As the details of the crash started to unfold, it appeared that the other vehicle he was involved in the accident with was suspected of impaired driving behaviors. After an investigation, police have officially charged the man in the other vehicle.

The morning of the accident, the deceased was headed to his job at Chick-Fil-A around 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. At some point during the man's morning commute, the vehicle driven by the accused t-boned the man's vehicle. The injuries resulted in the man's death. According to reports, the accused was just leaving a nearby strip club. In addition, a personal injury suit was filed against the business where the man allegedly left intoxicated claiming they are responsible for the man's death as they knowingly let the 'noticeably intoxicated' leave the building in his valeted vehicle.

Domestic violence allegations could result in criminal charges

Everyone gets angry, disagreements are a part of life and part of the spectrum of normal human emotion. However, sometimes arguments or disagreements can go too far. If an argument has gotten physical or if there have been allegations of domestic violence, it can have implications for all involved. Usually there are two sides to this story, and sometimes it can be up to the courts to decide the outcome.

Domestic violence can manifest in several ways. There can be allegations of physical abuse. However, there can also be allegations of mental or emotional abuse. This is usually done with words, rather than with actions, like in physical allegations. However, both could potentially hold weight in court. There could also be allegations of domestic abuse on both sides with both people engaging in acts against each other.

What information is on a traffic ticket?

You may consider yourself a good driver. You tend to stick to the speed limit, follow traffic directions and drive in a conscientious and safe manner. You do not take any thrill in potentially putting yourself or others in harm's way by driving recklessly.

Because you do your best to abide by the law, you may have no idea what to do when an officer pulls over your vehicle. You may search your mind trying to think of any mistake you made behind the wheel, and in the end, the officer may have issued you a ticket for speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign. You may believe that the officer made a mistake, but instead of arguing with the officer, you may want to have your day in court.

How does one respond to DUI charge after breath test?

Everyone has obligations and responsibilities in their life. What happens when the unexpected occurs? How does it impact those responsibilities and obligations one already carries? If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI after a breath test, you could be facing consequences that could impact your ability to meet your existing obligations due to the consequences from a DUI charge or a conviction.

There is a big difference between a DUI charge and a conviction. A conviction would mean that a court of law deemed a person guilty of this crime, while a charge means a person has only been accused of a crime. A formal charge is really only the beginning of the criminal process for the defendant. To avoid a DUI charge from turning into a conviction, one will want to build a criminal defense strategy.

Four men apprehended in Gwinnett County after drug bust

When thinking about the activities or items that could land a person in hot water with the law, drugs or too much to drink top the list in terms of the sheer number of incidences that happen in Gwinnett county in a given year. Of course, other alleged crime accusations do happen, but drug or alcohol-related criminal charges are fairly common. However, this doesn't make them any less impactful, especially if those charges end up in convictions. Recently, several men were picked up in Gwinnett County and are facing drug charges.

Estimated street value of the drugs seized in the bust by authorities totals roughly 5 million dollars. It included hard drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. There was also a slew of cash confiscated, listed at $850,000 in the reports. After an investigation led them to a tire shop in Gwinnett County, agents conducted surveillance on the vehicles and upon a traffic stop, discovered 250 pounds of methamphetamine in the U-Haul. The second vehicle pulled over contained 25 pounds of cocaine.

What response may a person have when accused of a crime?

When you ask a person what it's like being arrested, a person can have a range of emotions. Complete shock can cause a person to have lack of memory as to the details of the arrest. Maybe they suspected it was coming, but didn't know what they would be charged with? Perhaps the accused just needs an opportunity to represent their side of the story.

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, every person has the right to defend themselves in a court of law. The prosecution may try to persuade the accused to offer a confession or a plea deal, but this often comes with not just being charged with a crime but convicted of one. It could be for a lesser crime than initially charged, so it's good to weigh your options.

There's a fine line between careless and reckless driving

You may be like other Georgia residents who become complacent behind the wheel. Perhaps you drive the same route so often that you do it mindlessly. You may feel as if you drive home or to work on autopilot and your car "knows the way there."

Many people do it. Unfortunately, it can sometimes lead to drawing the attention of law enforcement officers patrolling the roadways. If the officer decides to write you a ticket, would it be better for it to be for careless driving or reckless driving?

Armed robbery, other crimes facing accused Gwinnett county man

There are many ways a person can commit a crime against another. Violent crimes top the list as the most serious in terms of outcomes for those involved and potential penalties for those accused. Recently, police in Gwinnett county were on the look-out for a burglary suspect. After a recent home invasion turned deadly, they now believe they have their man.

The robberies were happening in Gwinnett County, and the accused faces charges for at least two of them. The man was arrested after a neighbor's video surveillance appeared to show the man in and around the house the day of the incident. Authorities claim they were able to locate items directly linking the accused to the crime and many other crimes, including another home invasion.

Revoked driver's license could result from drunk driving charge

One of the best parts about being an adult is the freedom to do as you wish. Now, this isn't without potential consequences, but having the freedom to make choices is a great part about being of legal age. However, with freedom comes the possibility to make a mistake that could result in consequences. One of the potential consequences of drunk driving is the potential for license revocation.

Drunk driving could happen without the knowledge of being over the legal limit, or maybe one knew that getting behind the wheel after a night out wasn't such a good idea. Either way, the potential consequences are often the same if convicted of a drunk driving charge. Conviction can come with penalties, such as license revocation. When a person's license is revoked, this means they can no longer operate a motor vehicle legally.

Can victims of domestic violence seek a protection order?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. However, it most frequently happens to couples residing at the same residence, and, statistically, the victims are typically women. Protection orders are available to anyone who believes they are a victim of domestic violence. There are many different kinds of protection orders and they can be enforced based on Georgia state law.

Protections orders can range from short to long term. An emergency protection order is meant to provide help to victims in the short term, when a recent situation of domestic violence puts the person in a dangerous or unhealthy situation. One or both parties may be asked to leave the home, or, in some cases, emergency protection orders take effect after a person has been arrested for domestic violence. The EPO gives the victim of domestic violence time to get a more long-term protection order.

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