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Do you know about the 3 types of speed limits?

As you drive to your destinations, you likely do not always stick strictly to the posted speed limit. You may drive a little over the limit in hopes of getting to your destination more quickly, or you may go over or below the limit in attempts to keep up with the flow of traffic around you. Whatever the reason, you likely try to keep your driving speeds at a reasonable level to avoid posing a danger to yourself and others on the road.

Of course, even if you do not feel that you are traveling at an excessive speed, you could still face a traffic ticket if an officer believes that your driving poses an issue. Because different types of speed limits exist, it may benefit you to understand those limits and know how you could potentially defend against a speeding ticket.

Large Gwinnett county bust leads to two arrests, drug charges

Law enforcement's focus on drugs and drug-related crimes has really increased in recent years. There are many reasons behind this and public safety is always a concern. For two men, a large drug bust was made in connection with their traffic stop in Gwinnett county. Additional contraband was allegedly found at the accused man's home in the area.

According to reports, this particular drug bust was known as one of the largest in Georgia history in terms of the amount of heroin seized as it reached into the millions of dollars in street value. Investigators also claimed to have located methamphetamine and cocaine in the bust. The two men arrested in possession of the illicit substances are both charged with intent to distribute and other drug charges may be pending. Several organizations are taking credit for the bust including the DEA, the U.S. Attorney's Office, Georgia State Patrol and Lilburn Police.

How is manslaughter different from a murder charge?

Most people do not have the intent behind their thoughts and actions in which they plan to hurt or even kill someone. The truth is, people can die in accidents or as the result of an unforeseen series of events. When a person dies suddenly or unexpectedly, the law or the family may be looking for answers as to why. Sometimes that can result in a manslaughter charge and it's important to understand how it's different from a murder charge.

The charges of manslaughter and murder are similar in that a person died and the state has taken actions against a person or party accused of being involved in that person's death. However, the greatest difference between murder and manslaughter charges is the intent behind either action. In murder, there is intent to harm like with the charge of first degree or second degree murder. However, with manslaughter charges, there is no intent to harm on behalf of the accused. However, an unintentional killing committed in the commission of an "inherently dangerous" felony is often prosecuted as first degree murder in many states.

Credit card theft is considered a form of identity fraud in GA

Credit cards and other forms of electronic payment continue to become more and more popular. Cash is almost becoming an obsolete form of payment with the ability to pay with plastic or to even swipe your phone, watch or other electronic forms of payment. With the influx of ways to pay with both credit cards and debit cards, access to those types of payments have become more widespread and common. If you or a loved one has been accused of credit card theft or another related crime it's good to understand state law on the subject.

Georgia has state laws that equate credit card theft with identity theft. Identity theft involves the taking of another person's credit card information without permission and making charges to the account or removing funds from it. A person's credit card could be physically taken or the account numbers and required sensitive information could be acquired in another manor. Instances of credit card and debit card fraud are on the rise in Georgia and all around the country.

The role of the victim in a domestic violence defense

Some fights are pointless, while others get out of hand. We do not always get along with our loved ones, but we are still able to maintain the relationship in most cases. For some individuals in Georgia, a dispute can go from minor to aggressive. Domestic violence is a complex matter that could sever a relationship and cause an individual to face criminal charges.

Because the penalties following a domestic violence conviction can be harsh, those facing such charges seek ways to reduce or even avoid such consequences. Assert a strong criminal defense is a great place to start, but it is also possible to avoid penalties, if the victim in the matter drops the charges.

Georgia driver faces multiple charges after fleeing police

When we are in trouble, we often seek to avoid the situation, hoping to prevent consequences from occurring. However, evading the situation could result in more penalties. When authorities believe that a motorist has violated the law, law enforcement will likely pull the vehicle over. When a driver fails to follow this cue, this could devolve into a much more serious situation.

According to recent reports, a woman from Coweta County is now facing multiple charges after causing a police chase that resulted in her crashing into a patrol car and then fleeing the scene on foot. Georgia law enforcement supposedly observed the 24-year-old driver drift in and out of her lane. This resulted in officers attempting to pull her over.

Do you know how many points are on your driver's license?

As a licensed driver in Georgia, you are no doubt aware of basic traffic regulations. As a conscientious resident and motorist, you do your best to adhere to existing laws and make responsible choices while driving. However, if you were to admit that there have been times when you missed a stop sign or traveled a bit over a posted speed limit, you definitely wouldn't be the first person in this or any other state and, likely, will not be the last.

In Georgia, traffic violations are reflected against your driver's license in a points-based system. Concerning most types of games or athletic competitions, the more points you get, the better. It is not like that when it comes to points on your driver's license; in fact, the more you have, the worse off you are. Too many points and you are at risk for license suspension or, in worst cases, revocation.

What is the use of a BAC test?

Being accused of drunk driving is a difficult situation. A lot is put at risk when a driver is asked to step out of their vehicle for a field sobriety test. Officers will note all the details uncovered during that test, which could provide them with the information needed to proceed with a blood alcohol concentration or BAC test. The results of this test could result in a driver facing a DUI charge.

Most Georgia residents are aware of these breath tests. However, these tests may not be the most reliable way to test one's BAC. And, some drivers request other tools or tests to ensure the results are accurate.

Marijuana laws in Georgia

As a previous post highlighted, many people considered charges related to marijuana are minor when compared to other drug charges. However, this is not the case in Georgia and other states. While the laws surrounding marijuana differ from state to state, marijuana laws in Georgia have traditionally been quite strict.

While marijuana laws continually evolve in all the states, allowing for medicinal and personal use in a few locations, the legal usage in Georgia is minimal. Currently, limited usage is allowed for eligible patients to use cannabis oil with a low percentage of THC. Thus, if an individual is not an eligible patient or is caught with marijuana in other forms, he or she could face serious penalties, if convicted.

Initiating a defense against marijuana drug charges

The term, drug charge, is usually one that makes a person think of hard drugs and harsh penalties. Thus, when a person is convicted of a crime related to marijuana, many in Georgia view this as a less serious charge. Nonetheless, crimes related to marijuana cultivation, sales and trafficking are serious. Therefore, those facing such crimes should understand that they have defense options available to them.

Although many argue that marijuana is a harmless drug, most states across the nation maintain stiff penalties for those caught using or selling marijuana. This is true, despite the fact that some states have passed laws allowing for medicinal or personal use. Being caught with even a small amount of marijuana could mean serious drug charges and even a felony charge if a defendant is found to have an ounce or more in their possession.

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