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November 2016 Archives

What are penalties for drunk driving in Georgia?

There are typically criminal penalties and administrative consequences for drunk driving. The penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving are serious and can have a significant impact on the present and future of individuals accused of drunk driving and facing a DUI charge. If you are facing a DUI charge, you may wonder what the potential penalties and consequences are and what impact they may have.

Health conditions that can affect a field sobriety test

When a driver is stopped based on suspicion of driving while influenced by drugs or alcohol, the next step is most often the field sobriety test. This test typically consists of three parts and is designed to identify physical symptoms of alcohol impairment. However, this test at times produces false positives, especially in the presence of certain health conditions.

Understanding the behavior that is considered domestic violence

Understanding the behavior that is considered to be domestic violence can be important as circumstances can sometimes grow heated in family situations. Domestic violence generally refers to violent acts that take place between family or household members, such as violent acts against spouses or children. Domestic violence refers to violence between a variety of different types of familial and household partners and includes partners who are dating, heterosexual or homosexual.

Women arrested in Georgia on drug charges after traffic stop

Two women were recently arrested in Georgia on drug charges after being pulled over by police. According to authorities, the traffic stop in a nearby Georgia community approximately an hour northwest of the Gwinnett area resulted in the police officers allegedly finding drugs. According to a jail report, a 27-year-old woman was driving a truck and was stopped at an intersection without headlights on. Authorities allegedly recovered white pills and several bags of marijuana packaged for sale, along with a set of scales. The white pills were believed to be Lortab.

Theft and property crimes charges require a strong defense

Theft and property crimes are serious criminal charges. When it comes to theft charges, it is important to understand how to navigate the criminal justice process. Felony charges can result from circumstances that may not initially seem as serious, such as the theft of property over $500 or entering property even when nothing is taken. In general, the range of property crimes are all serious and criminal charges associated with theft and property crimes should not be taken lightly.

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