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Georgia DUI laws and potential punishments if convicted

Driving under the influence and other intoxicated driving behaviors have been high on law enforcement’s radar for the last several decades. Even within the last several years, new specific and in some cases, stricter legislation has been released in connection with drunk driving accusations and convictions. Whether it be in the way law enforcement detects or suspects drunk driving, the process by which they arrest or file charges or the penalties a person could face, if convicted, DUI laws have changed rapidly over the years.

This could be especially apparent for a person who would have been facing drunk driving charges in 1980 versus facing them now. In general, the accused would find that the process is more regulated.

Charges can vary, and the impact that of a previous conviction could substantially impact the outcome. If convicted of DUI or of a similar charge, one could face interlock ignition requirements, fines, probation or even be required to complete a treatment program. In addition, a person could face jail time, vehicle suspension or license revocation.

That is why it should be taken seriously when a person is facing charges related to drunken driving. Accusations related to drunken driving do not automatically mean a person will be convicted of that crime. Every person is owed their day in court and an opportunity to present a criminal defense. But, understanding a best defense against a DUI charge will require the ability to understand their charges.

Every person’s situation is different. However, preparing oneself and arming themselves with knowledge can help to ease that burden.


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