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September 2018 Archives

Four men apprehended in Gwinnett County after drug bust

When thinking about the activities or items that could land a person in hot water with the law, drugs or too much to drink top the list in terms of the sheer number of incidences that happen in Gwinnett county in a given year. Of course, other alleged crime accusations do happen, but drug or alcohol-related criminal charges are fairly common. However, this doesn't make them any less impactful, especially if those charges end up in convictions. Recently, several men were picked up in Gwinnett County and are facing drug charges.

What response may a person have when accused of a crime?

When you ask a person what it's like being arrested, a person can have a range of emotions. Complete shock can cause a person to have lack of memory as to the details of the arrest. Maybe they suspected it was coming, but didn't know what they would be charged with? Perhaps the accused just needs an opportunity to represent their side of the story.

Armed robbery, other crimes facing accused Gwinnett county man

There are many ways a person can commit a crime against another. Violent crimes top the list as the most serious in terms of outcomes for those involved and potential penalties for those accused. Recently, police in Gwinnett county were on the look-out for a burglary suspect. After a recent home invasion turned deadly, they now believe they have their man.

Revoked driver's license could result from drunk driving charge

One of the best parts about being an adult is the freedom to do as you wish. Now, this isn't without potential consequences, but having the freedom to make choices is a great part about being of legal age. However, with freedom comes the possibility to make a mistake that could result in consequences. One of the potential consequences of drunk driving is the potential for license revocation.

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