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February 2017 Archives

Your license: Is it cancelled, revoked or suspended?

Are you worrying about losing your Georgia state issued driver's license? If you're like thousands of others throughout the nation, you probably depend on your driver's license every day, whether you use it to drive to work, go to school or run your kids around to their various after-school activities, clubs and sporting events. When police pull you over, it can be a very disconcerting experience. If you think you might wind up being unable to legally driver your car, your stress level could soar.

What is a scheduled drug in terms of Georgia drug charges?

Georgia residents have lived with the war on drugs for a few decades now. Wherever one stands on the wisdom of current drug enforcement policy, one thing is fairly clear: illegal drug use has not disappeared. Because of this, police and prosecutors continue to mount raids and sting operations in hopes of finding a large amount of drugs that can be photographed and used to show the public they are doing something. Unfortunately, this also means people can get caught up in this enforcement net and face harsh penalties depending upon their alleged involvement.

What is burglary in Georgia?

Many Georgia residents are likely familiar with the term burglary. In popular parlance, the word is often conflated and used interchangeably with terms like robbery and theft. Technically, however, these are words used to describe different, and discrete, categories of crimes. Though all would fall under the general heading of property crimes, there is a legal distinction between being charged with burglary or robbery.

Georgia teen facing adult felony charges stemming from party

Scapegoating is part of human nature. In our desire to make sense of the often chaotic world around us, we tend to look for causal factors wherever we can find them, and are quite willing to connect dots that may have a tenuous relationship to each other while pursuing that goal. Police and prosecutors in Georgia are human beings, and sometimes they come up with connections that may or may not be warranted.

Understanding the full definition of domestic violence

When considering domestic violence, and the important concerns it raises for families, it is necessary to keep in mind that the definition of domestic violence includes a variety of behaviors. In general, domestic violence refers to a pattern of abusive behavior that is used to maintain control over a partner. Domestic violence can occur between spouses, dating partners, intimate or sexual partners, family members, children and cohabitants.

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