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May 2018 Archives

Domestic violence conviction can impact more than you think

Sometimes people don't always get along. While this can mean a lot of things from disagreements to arguments even to physical altercations, no-one wants to disagree to such a point with people in their lives. However, these things can sometimes get out of control to the point that yourself and loved ones can be involved in a domestic violence situation. Oftentimes, these stories have more than just one side.

Gwinnett charter bus driver charged with DUI after crash

The Masters golf tournament is one of the largest sporting events to hit the Gwinnett county area. People come to our little town from all over the world to watch some of the best compete for the chance to win the title. While it should be a joyous occasion, it wasn't for one man and 18 passengers on his bus when it overturned last month. The driver has since been charged with DUI related to the crash and several people were also hospitalized with injuries from the crash.

What are possible criminal defenses when accused of burglary?

Thinking back over a person's life, most are taught from a young age that theft and stealing aren't acceptable behaviors. Most people, at some point or another usually during childhood, experience a situation in which they steal or take something from a business or another person that doesn't belong to them and are then reprimanded for it. While we may all know that burglary, a form of theft, is a crime one may not know that there are legitimate defenses against such a criminal accusation. Criminal defenses stem from blowing holes in a prosecutions strategy to prove the three elements of burglary and thus that a crime was committed.

Did the cop who pulled you over have reasonable cause?

You've likely witnessed traffic stops taking place alongside the road during your travels in Georgia. Perhaps you have been the person behind the wheel on occasion. Maybe a police officer said he got you on his radar gun driving five or more miles over the posted speed limit or that he thinks you've been drinking alcohol because of something he allegedly witnessed you doing while driving. The latter would constitute reasonable suspicion to make a DUI stop.

The serious nature of drug trafficking charges in Georgia

Drug trafficking charges are serious criminal charges that can carry harsh potential penalties and consequences for those accused of them. Drug trafficking and drug distribution charges are felony charges and felony charges are generally the most serious criminal charges an accused individual can face. By definition, felony charges carry potentially stiffer penalties including a year or longer in prison, steep fines and other penalties and consequences.

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