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December 2016 Archives

What is DUI court in Georgia?

When facing DUI charges, there are a variety of potential outcomes. Drunk driving charges can carry stiff penalties including harsh jail sentences, significant fines and personal consequences associated with the accused individual's work and social life. It is because of this that criminal defense rights are so important and that it is essential to have a strong criminal defense strategy when facing drunk driving charges and to understand the range of options that may be available.

What is a protective order and what can it do?

If you have been involved in a domestic violence incident, you may have heard the term protective order or restraining order and may have some idea what that is but wondered what these terms refer to. Protective orders are commonly referred to as restraining orders and prevent one party from contacting another party. Protective orders are commonly used in domestic violence situations to prevent contact between parties.

Traffic violations and your driver's license

Without enforceable rules of the road, driving would be even more chaotic and dangerous than it already is. The federal government and the states work together to create a consistent set of laws for safety, such as driving on the right side of the road, stopping at red lights and stop signs, and the use of various warning signs.

Understanding the steps in the plea negotiation process

One way that criminal cases can be resolved is through an agreement achieved through the plea negotiation process. Most criminal cases are resolved outside of court and without a trial using the plea negotiation process. Resolving criminal cases through the plea negotiation process can be beneficial for several reasons, keeping in mind it is helpful to have informed guidance about the process and criminal defense options when determining how to respond to criminal charges.

Understanding the complexities of family violence

This blog recently discussed that some Georgia area domestic violence shelters are full through the holidays. Domestic violence can be a difficult problem to address in communities and families and it is important that individuals on all sides of an alleged domestic violence incident understand the resources and help available to them. While it can sometimes be unpleasant to discuss, domestic violence accusations can be both serious or, at times, made for purposes other than a genuine concern for safety.

Georgia domestic violence shelter full as holidays approach

Domestic violence can be a challenging issue for families to handle. With the holiday season well under way, shelters for helping those involved in family violence can see an increase in their numbers. The largest shelter in Georgia is at capacity which reflects a 2-year trend of increasing numbers. The holiday season can add stresses and pressures on families and options are available for those experiencing family violence.

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