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July 2015 Archives

Botched search warrant yields federal charges

Imagine sitting in your home and watching police take it over. The fear and shock of the moment would escalate even more when police enter the bedroom of your sleeping 19 month old. Soon you hear an explosion from the baby's room. Later you discover a flash bang grenade was thrown into his crib and he now suffers from irreversible damage. This is the reality for one Georgia family during a 2014 house raid that went horribly wrong.

Navigating charges of possession and intent to distribute

Facing drug charges can be a very freighting ordeal. The prospect of doing prison time compounded with the many other penalties drug charges can bring is a situation no one would want to find themselves in. While it may be easy to look back and point to mistakes made leading up to the charges, doing so will not help the current situation at all. First, it’s important to understand some of the drug charges that can be mounted against an individual.

What is insurance fraud in Georgia?

It has happened to many of us. We get in a wreck, we have a house fire, or something is stolen from our place of residence. In these instances, we often turn to our insurance companies to seek relief for our damages. While this is certainly legal and can provide much financial relief, those who lie to their insurance companies in an attempt to recover compensation are likely breaking the law, and, if convicted, they may be subjected to significant penalties.

Theft by taking and theft by deception

Almost everyone knows what "theft" means in a general sense, but the legal sense can be somewhat different. For those facing theft charges, the details can be very important, and it can be valuable to understand the fine points of Georgia state law's definition of theft.

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