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July 2018 Archives

Avoid future impacts of theft and property crimes charges

There is more at stake than just your reputation when accused of a crime. While word may spread quickly in a small town, word can spread even quicker by those who have access to the internet. Since arrests are a matter of public record, you may be wondering what other potential impact a charge of theft and property crimes could have on you and your family.

What is required to plead self-defense to criminal charges?

Not many Georgia residents will stand by when someone threatens them with harm. In fact, it is often natural for a person to experience the sensation of "fight or flight" when faced with potential danger. If a person does not believe that they can outrun the threats to their safety they may be forced to face down their attacker and defend themselves.

Battery and other charges filed against Gwinnett county teacher

The Fourth of July holiday is usually filled with sun, fun and good times for many Gwinnett residents. However, an alleged incident is making residents uneasy as a Gwinnett county teacher has been charged with battery and charges related to sexual assault in an underage girl. It happened at a nearby lake by Lanier Islands on the fourth of July. According to the complaint, the girl was allegedly bitten on the buttocks while swimming in the area by the accused. He is currently being held on bond over $6000 at the Hall County Jail.

How diabetes, diet soda and exercise can lead to DUI charges

You may be one of thousands of other Georgia residents who enjoy drinking an ice-cold diet soda on occasion. You may also be among those who try to go to the gym a few times a week or even just take long, brisk walks around your neighborhood in your free time. If you're health is not in excellent condition, you may relate to those who deal with the challenges of living with diabetes or some other chronic ailment.  

Drunk driving and the walk-and-turn test

Those who have been accused of drunk driving may be in for quite a fight if they hope to protect their finances, their ability to drive and their freedom. This is because the penalties associated with drunk driving can be quite harsh. However, before penalties can be imposed, prosecutors must obtain a conviction. This requires them showing competent evidence that establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In drunk driving cases, this often involves putting forth evidence related to blood-alcohol content and field sobriety test results.

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