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October 2017 Archives

Understanding domestic violence charges and restraining orders

Not all family members and significant others get along. While this can be part of the natural ups and downs in life, when these fights escalate, they can result in serious situations. If a dispute turns physical, this could result in a domestic violence. Ultimately, this could mean one or more people facing domestic dispute charges, which could mean enduring serious criminal penalties.

Georgia woman charged with DUI after colliding with police car

Some motorists take advantage of the fact that they can drive a vehicle, not acknowledging that it is a privilege. Because of that, drivers can be negligent, careless and reckless at times. Although, for the most part, drivers understand the rules of the road and abide by them as a means to avoid a collision, this does not mean that these rules are always followed. When a driver is accused of driving under the influence, this is not only a presumed dangers situation, but it is also a suspected traffic violation that could result in harsh penalties. Even more so, a motorist could face severe outcomes if the DUI charges stem from an accident.

Can you get back a suspended license in Georgia?

Losing your right to drive is serious. It can impact your ability to take yourself to work, school and other important places. It can impact your career, your education and even taking your kids back and forth to school. If you lost your Georgia driver's license to suspension, you need to know how to get it back as quickly as possible.

How does the drug court program work in Georgia?

Pleading guilty to a criminal charge is not often an ideal step for defendants to take. However, for some individuals in Georgia facing drug charges, pleading guilty could have some advantages. If the accused meets certain standards set by the program, a drug diversion or drug treatment program could be implemented instead of the defendant facing penalties such as prison time and hefty fine.

Strategizing a defense against theft charges

Facing allegations of a crime is a difficult predicament to be in. Just because an individual is accused of taking something, this does not mean there is no explanation for it or a defense that proves that the accused did not commit the crime. The state tends to build up a big case against a defendant; however, there are mechanisms to poke holes in their case, which in turn can weaken the evidence used to charge a person with a theft or property crime.

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