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February 2016 Archives

Georgia may see changes to domestic violence laws

Consequences for domestic violence may soon become even more significant in Georgia. A domestic violence bill recently passed the Georgia state senate and will be voted on in the Georgia House of Representatives. The bill could make the first charge of family violence battery a felony if the accused individual had previously been charged with a similar family violence act. The charge would still be a felony even if the previous incident had resulted in a plea bargain or occurred in another state.

What are search warrants?

It is important for individuals facing drug charges or other criminal charges to be familiar with their rights and how those rights impact criminal defense options. One important right that all individuals accused of crimes have is the right to defend against the charges against them. The best criminal defense option for a particular situation is a contextual decision that should be carefully made based on familiarity with the individual's unique situation and the rights all individuals accused of crimes enjoy. Many individuals accused of a crime may have heard of the importance of a search warrant but wondered what the importance actually is.

Drivers under 21 face much stricter penalties overall

As a society, we tend to treat teens and young adults with more leniency and understanding. However, this isn't true when it comes to driving laws. As the Georgia Department of Driver Services points out, drivers under the age of 21 face much stricter penalties for traffic violations than do older adults.

Underage drunk driving defense options

Driving under the influence accusations, allegations and charges are always serious, however, they can be especially serious for young people facing underage drinking charges. In Georgia, the blood alcohol content level to be considered as driving under the influence is 0.08. For drivers under the age of 21, the blood alcohol content level to be considered as driving under the influence is lowered to 0.02.

A look at shoplifting charges and how to defend against them

The consequences and penalties that arise from shoplifting accusations and charges can be serious. In general, shoplifting is the theft of merchandise from a store or business establishment. Shoplifting is a larceny crime which refers to taking another's property without their permission and with the intent to deprive them of the property.

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