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July 2016 Archives

Understanding defense options in domestic violence situations

Domestic violence laws vary by state but, while there can be significant differences, there are some common considerations to be aware of concerning domestic violence laws. The definition of domestic violence can vary but generally includes physical abuse and may also include emotional, psychological, financial and sexual abuse as well.

Two arrested in Georgia for drug charges following anonymous tip

In a nearby Georgia community an hour and a half northwest of the Gwinnett area two individuals were recently arrested on drug charges. The arrests followed an investigation into two alleged plots of marijuana being grown in the area. According to authorities, the investigation began with an anonymous tip. When the two locations were raided, as part of the alleged grow operation, 140 plants were seized and $140,000 in marijuana was seized.

The consequences of pleading guilty to assault

Most people who are charged with assault are embarrassed about the situation they find themselves in. They may have had too much to drink, and an argument escalated into a fight. They may consider pleading guilty to the charges simply because they want to move on.

What is considered vandalism?

If you or a loved one has been charged with vandalism, it is likely you may be wondering what the definition of vandalism is. Vandalism occurs when property is destroyed or defaced without permission. The penalties for vandalism can be significant and can include imprisonment and fines. What exactly is considered vandalism can include a number of activities such as breaking windows, damaging vehicles, graffiti or may include damaging or destroying a website.

Woman arrested in Georgia for multiple drug charges

Individuals accused of drug crimes have protections they should be aware of and not forget. In a Georgia community under two hours north of the Gwinnett area a woman who worked at a daycare is facing drug charges for allegedly selling drugs in the parking lot of the daycare facility where she was employed. The 28-year old woman was recently arrested and charged with multiple drug-related charges including the sale of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possessing or manufacturing drugs near a school, as well as additional charges.

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