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Have you been charged with reckless driving?

Getting a ticket happens to most people during their lives. Whether the situation comes about due to going over the speed limit, failing to use a turn signal or any of numerous other infractions, it can still seem burdensome to have to receive a citation. In some cases, you may even feel that the ticket was unwarranted.

Fortunately, you have options for defending against traffic violations and even more serious issues like reckless driving. This particular accusation goes beyond a simple traffic infraction. In fact, authorities consider reckless driving a criminal offense. Therefore, it may work in your best interests to understand what actions officers may consider reckless and what you can do to fight the charges.

Is it reckless?

It may interest you to know that most states do not have extensive lists indicating specific violations that count as reckless behavior. As a result, police officers may use their own discretion to determine whether they believe a driver operated a vehicle in a reckless manner. As a result, you may feel that your driving remained within reasonable means while an officer may have considered your actions reckless.

Of course, many actions typically fall into the category of reckless driving even if not specifically mentioned in Georgia state laws. Some examples of reckless actions include:

  • Traveling 20-25 mph over the posted speed limit
  • Racing on public roads
  • Performing vehicle tricks on public roads
  • Carrying out acts of road rage
  • Attempting to elude police officers
  • Trying to pass another vehicle on a hill, curve or other area with limited visibility
  • Failing to comply with traffic and safety rules

These examples do not represent every action that an officer could consider reckless. As a result, if you face charges for reckless driving, you may want to ensure that you understand the exact offense the officer suspects that you carried out.

Defending against charges

Fortunately, you do not have to simply accept the consequences that could come along with a reckless driving charge. Instead, you could choose to explore your defense options and create a meaningful presentation in hopes of maintaining your innocence. In order to better understand what options may best suit your particular case, you may want to gain reliable information from local legal resources.

If you feel that you do not know where to start in terms of dealing with your charges, you may want to consult with a legal professional.


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