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January 2016 Archives

Former Georgia city manager arrested on theft charges

The former city manager for the nearby Georgia community was recently arrested for theft charges. The woman's arrest followed a month-long investigation into funds missing in the nearby community wherein she served as city manager. The woman was recently arrested on two felony charges of theft of taking. The 43-year old woman is accused of making $14,000 in fraudulent payroll payments to herself during the five-year period that she served as city manager; she has since resigned the position as city manager. The former city manager is also accused of making $8,000 in personal purchases on two city credit cards.

What are the consequences of domestic violence in Georgia?

The blog recently discussed domestic violence in Georgia. Georgia residents may have questions and concerns about domestic violence in their communities and domestic violence laws in Georgia. Georgia has a Family Violence Act which not only applies to current spouses but also applies to former spouses; parents of shared children; parents and children; stepparents and stepchildren; foster parents and foster children and individuals living in the same household or who may have formerly been living in the same household.

Understanding family and domestic violence in Georgia

Domestic violence can unfortunately be a complicated issue and can have a significant impact on families. Family violence can impact individuals of different walks of life. Throughout their lifetime, one in four women will experience domestic violence. Men can also experience domestic violence. Family violence is a serious concern throughout the United States and in Georgia.

Can I be charged with the crime of 'doctor shopping'?

The phrase "doctor shopping" has taken on a very negative meaning in recent years. Today, it typically refers to visiting multiple physicians or health care providers in an attempt to obtain multiple prescriptions for the same drug.

Drug charges require a strong defense

Drug charges are unquestionably serious charges for anyone facing them. Drug charges can include drug possession charges, intent to distribute charges, drug trafficking charges or other drug-related charges and can carry significant penalties and consequences. Potential penalties for drug charges, depending on the drug crime charged and the circumstances, can include time in prison, steep fines and other negative consequences.

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