Appeals Take Particular Legal Experience

Although most lawyers and judges try their best to properly apply and follow the law in court cases, mistakes do happen. If that occurs in your case, you may need to appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals or Georgia Supreme Court.

Appeals are a fairly focused area of law that most firms simply do not have the proper experience to take on. Technical rules must be followed, including strict time limits and proper subject matter. Many issues are even discretionary as to whether or not the appellate courts will review your case. Having an experienced lawyer who understands these components and has handled a wide variety of appeals represent you in an appeal can make a critical difference.

At The Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C., our lead attorney is a well-regarded appellate lawyer. Attorney Chris Adams has successfully handled many appeals and is happy to talk with you about your options for appealing your case. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your appellate needs with Christopher Adams, call us today at 800-582-0304.

An Appellate Attorney With A Strong Track Record Of Success

If you are looking for a successful appellate attorney, look no further. In fact, Chris Adams won four straight appeals in 2010, and all were by unanimous decision of 7-0 by the court:

  • BAARS v. FREEMAN. No. S10A1779. Supreme Court of Georgia. March 18, 2010.
  • LARIZZA v. LARIZZA. No. S09F1836. Supreme Court of Georgia. February 1, 2010.
  • MEA FAMILY INVESTMENTS, LP v. ADAMS. No. S08A1110. Supreme Court of Georgia. October 6, 2008.
  • ROBERTS v. THARP. No. S09A1961. Supreme Court of Georgia. March 1, 2010.

We frequently handle criminal law and other types of appeals in order to contest a jury’s unfair guilty verdict, expose a procedural error, prove a judge’s overly harsh sentence or present new, crucial evidence. We represent our own clients in this capacity, and we also accept referrals from other attorneys to serve as co-counsel in the Georgia Court of Appeals or Georgia Supreme Court. We have handled cases involving a variety of technical topics in many areas of law from criminal defense to family law and juvenile law matters.

Attorney Chris Adams brings a critical eye when looking at the facts and relevant law surrounding each case. This case-by-case approach allows him to focus on the specific issues and pinpoint the best possible approach. His courtroom advocacy skills, coupled with the one-on-one contact he maintains with clients, ensures that you will have an effective attorney on your side, both in and out of court, who understands all of your needs.

Discuss Your Appeal With Us

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss an appellate matter with Christopher T. Adams, call us today at 800-582-0304 or contact our Lawrenceville office online.