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December 2018 Archives

Squatter claims newly constructed $500k Gwinnett County house

In a bizarre Facebook post, a squatter staked his claim on a brand new, $500,000 house in Georgia. He then moved himself and his nephew into the dwelling, and posted signs on the windows claiming he now owned the property.

Pre-trial diversion for first-time offenders in Georgia

Georgia has created a Pretrial Diversion Program in an attempt to keep first-time drug offenders out of jail. The program is only offered to first-time offenders whose crime was non-violent, non-aggressive and did not result in injury to a victim. In addition to drug charges, offenders who have committed domestic violence crimes are also eligible if they have no prior record. While both drug and domestic violence charges may be dismissed or Nolle Prosequi upon completion of the program, a DUI charge may not. DUI offenders may apply to complete the diversion program in lieu of jail time, but will still maintain a criminal record upon completion.

The consequences of shoplifting in Georgia

Shoplifters in Georgia may face criminal charges, jail time and other stiff penalties. Shoplifting may be committed in any number of ways. A person who commits a shoplifting crime will be subject to criminal charges with a range of sentencing guidelines. An imposed sentence will depend on the number of previous offenses and the monetary amount of stolen items.

Reasonable suspicion and probable cause: what's the difference?

If you are facing charges for drunk driving in Georgia, you could be facing penalties that may alter the course of your life. Even a first-time offense can result in penalties that may include expensive fines, loss of driving privileges and much more. It is in your interests to fight back through a strong and thoughtful DUI defense strategy. 

Graffiti and other vandalism leads to criminal charges in Georgia

While there is no denying that graffiti artists are often quite creative and skilled, there are consequences to their actions. Under Georgia law, graffiti, also known as street art, is considered a form of vandalism. Any person defacing property without consent of the owner can be charged with criminal trespass, if the damage to the property totals less than $500. This is a misdemeanor offense, and is punishable by up to one year in jail and imposed fines. The state also considers the defacement of grave markers, plaques, memorials and monuments of service members in any manner to warrant a criminal trespass charge, regardless of the monetary amount of damage.

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