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How does one work their story into their criminal defense?

Georgia laws and ordinances are in place with the hope of keeping citizens happy, safe and healthy. However, these laws do not account for every possible situation that may befall a person. Sometimes, the law does not account for those discrepancies. When accused of a crime, each person has the right to build a criminal defense against criminal charges.

There are a few criminal defense strategies that can be applied to a variety of different crimes and circumstances. While the details will differ, the strategy can be applicable in a many situations, such as assault charges, drug charges and even domestic assault. These criminal defense strategies should be crafted as soon as possible.

The prosecution could take a variety of different approaches. In response, the defendant’s timeline of the alleged crime could be a tool for the prosecution or for the defense. An admit and explain story is when a person admits to a portion of the crime or to the entire thing, but has a reasoning behind his actions that would give his actions and the alleged crime a broader scope in which the actions may no longer be a crime. If a defendant completely denies the charges, at times, there is an alibi that would accompany and corroborate the accused’s version of events.

An alibi is a timeline, story or fact that can be accredited by other sources that show the accused was not able to commit a crime as they were somewhere else or with someone at that time. Witnesses, technology and other records can help to corroborate a defendant’s timeline. Compiling that evidence in favor of the defendant’s version of events, is part of building a good criminal defense. Whatever strategy is right will depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident and the charge.


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