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September 2017 Archives

Georgia contractor faces multiple theft charges

Being accused of a crime does not only place an individual in a predicament that could result in criminal penalties, but it could also result in a defendant's personal and professional life being severely impacted. Thus, when allegations such as theft related to a person's employment occur, a defendant should take the time to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the charges, helping them initiate a strong defense.

Helping you assert a strong defense against property crimes

When one thinks of theft, he or she is likely thinking about a major robbery or a shoplifter. Theft can occur in a variety of ways, landing suspects in a predicament that could result in serious penalties. Whether you are accused of minor theft or armed robbery, it is important to understand the situation you are in, what consequences you could endure and what criminal defense options are available to you.

Safeguarding your future with a strong strategy for defense

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, you might have concerns about how the process will affect your future. DUI charges carry severe penalties, and if convicted, you could be facing a variety of consequences that may disrupt your life in numerous ways.

Passenger faces drug charges after traffic stop

Being pulled over by law enforcement is not always a major deal. Minor traffic violations and constantly suspected, and it is rather routine for police officers to stop vehicles to further investigate the matter. What is not a common or minor situation, however, is when a traffic stop turns into a much larger criminal matter. But if law enforcement suspects that something illegal might be going on following a traffic stop, this could cause them to further investigate the matter.

Determining the best defense strategy for you

Facing criminal charges is an overwhelming experience. When individuals in Georgia and elsewhere are charged with a crime, they may be unsure about what the can and should do. Because the state has collected evidence against you, it can be an intimidating experience. However, not all evidence can stand. Additionally, defendants are afforded a wide variety of defense options, making it vital that they assess what options apply to them.

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