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October 2014 Archives

Fatal drunk driving accident in Georgia

Drunk driving in the state of Georgia can carry serious penalties. One person is becoming familiar with these consequences, as recent reports indicate that a 27-year-old woman is charged with vehicular homicide, DUI-child endangerment and single counts of DUI speeding and reckless driving. Each charge of vehicular homicide carries a potential 15 year prison sentence.

Woman arrested for drunk driving, dancing behind the wheel

Dancing is a great way to spend an evening out on the town or to show-off your moves at a wedding. However, a car is generally not the best venue for such an activity. After running off the road and into a raised lane divider, a driver was stopped by the police recently in Georgia. The driver's response to the officer's questioning was that the erratic driving was due to dancing while driving.

Drunk driver crashes into public bus, injures 11

Drinking alcohol is an enjoyable experience for many residents of Gwinnett County. For most, enjoying a drink or two is an activity that is easily managed and kept under control, making rational and safe decisions in the process. However, there are some people who make less-than-safe decisions when drinking - such as drunk driving. These choices can lead to injury and serious consequences for those who make them, as a recent incident shows.

Criminal defense: GA superintendent on trial for cheating

Georgia educators hold the key to the future of children. Parents trust that teachers will work in the best interest of their children to help them succeed. This trust was put in question in Atlanta, Georgia. The former Atlanta Public Schools superintendent, Beverly Hall, now stands at the center of a test-cheating scandal.

Why Georgia legal representation matters in drunk driving defense

Televisions are bombarded with legal dramas. During the day, there is no shortage of judge shows where litigants represent themselves in front of the cameras. After viewing these shows, some Georgians may feel that they are well versed in the legal system. When faced with a legal issue of their own, some opt to represent themselves believing that he or she can do everything that a lawyer can do. This decision may lead to long-term negative effects that can damage their ability to find employment or obtain a place to live.

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