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March 2017 Archives

Man faces theft charges in Gwinnett following alleged robbery

Criminal defense rights apply in any situation when an individual has been accused of a crime. There are a variety of different criminal defense strategies and it is important for an accused individual to understand how those strategies relate to their situation.

Why did Georgia suspend my driver's license?

Nowadays, it's almost unimaginable to think of carrying out your daily tasks and duties without the use of a motor vehicle. This would likely prove as challenging as navigating life without the internet. Let's face it. Georgia isn't exactly a geographical hub for other types of public transportation such as subway or bus systems. Sure, some exist, but it's far more common in this state to see people driving their own vehicles to reach their destinations.

Understanding the basics of robbery charges

Theft and property crimes are serious charges for any accused person to face. In many states, robbery is defined as the theft or larceny of property or money through the use of physical force or fear. When a deadly weapon is used in the robbery or an injury is suffered in the commission of the robbery, the accused individual may face armed robbery charges, which can be particularly serious.

The legal process helps families address domestic violence

Domestic violence can be a challenging issue for families and communities. There are important resources available to both individuals accused of domestic violence and those who have suffered from it. For example, following an alleged domestic violence incident, temporary protective orders are often filed, which require the individual accused of domestic violence to be removed from the family home.

Twenty-two facing drug charges in Gwinnett County

It is important for accused individuals to understand the criminal defense options available to them in order to reduce the charges or penalties. The Gwinnett County Police Department Gang Task Force recently led an operation that resulted in the arrests of 22 people on drug and other criminal charges. Several law enforcement agencies were involved. A recent search of a duplex allegedly discovered a variety of drugs, including cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, Hydrocodone and Tramadol, along with seven guns. An earlier shooting led authorities to the duplex.

What is DUI 'per se' in Georgia?

The manufacture and use of alcoholic beverages has been a staple of many parts of U.S. culture since the founding of the nation. Even the decade or so of 'Prohibition' is best known for the creative and illegal ways many people attempted to procure drinks, even leading to a modern trend of so-called 'speak-easies.' In the 1970's and 1980's, however, U.S. culture and society began to more closely examine the social costs of drivers who had been drinking alcohol, and government and law responded with more stringent, and more carefully enforced, laws against such behavior.

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