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What is prescription fraud?

While street drugs maintain a bad reputation, we’ve reached a point where prescription medication is perhaps stronger and addictive as its legal counterpart. After a surgical procedure, it is not uncommon for individuals to fall into a devastating cycle of drug-seeking behavior. They will often have to resort to illegal methods to curb their cravings for pain killers such as morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone or Darvocet.

There are several methods individuals can pursue to acquire prescription medication in a fraudulent manner, including:

  • Doctor shopping
  • Forging prescriptions on a stolen prescription pad
  • Altering information (such as pill quantity or number of refills) on a valid prescription
  • Impersonating a member of the medical staff to call a prescription or refill in to a pharmacy

Tech-savvy individuals might attempt to create false prescription pads on their computers and then forge a doctor’s signature on the printed document. Unfortunately, individuals face serious penalties upon conviction. It is important to seek legal guidance at the earliest stage.

What about a physician?

While these types of charges are common for civilians, medical staff such as doctors, nurses or pharmacists can be charged with prescription fraud. A physician can face serious penalties for activities including:

  • Issuing a prescription for an illegitimate reason.
  • Issuing a prescription that is outside the physician’s normal practice.
  • Issuing a stronger dose or longer duration than is medically feasible.

Aside from criminal penalties such as fines, community service and jail time, a physician might have to fight to keep or restore his or her professional license. No matter the situation you currently find yourself in, it is critical that you act quickly to protect your future freedom and financial security.

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