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Specific things to know about shoplifting in Georgia

Some people think that shoplifting is a minor thing that won’t come with any real consequences. That’s not the case in Georgia. This type of theft is taken very seriously here. 

Anyone who’s been charged with shoplifting must ensure they understand the specifics of the charge and what type of penalties they’re facing. 

What is shoplifting?

Shoplifting occurs when a person tries to deprive a store of merchandise or profit from the merchandise. This can happen in a variety of ways, so these cases can become complex. 

Many people think about someone hiding merchandise to walk out of the store with it, but that’s only one type of shoplifting. Another form is changing the price tag on one item with the price tag on less expensive items. Similarly, putting something in the packaging for something else. 

How is shoplifting classified?

Many shoplifting charges are misdemeanors. This applies to cases in which the merchandise is valued at $500 or less. People facing this charge are looking at up to year jail plus a fine. 

Some cases, including those with merchandise valued at more than $500 and those that involve multiple instances of shoplifting in a short time, are charged as felonies. Certain other circumstances are also felonies, such as:

  • Theft of motor vehicles with a value of $100 or more
  • Theft of a firearm, destructive device or explosive
  • Theft of anhydrous ammonia
  • Theft involving a graveyard
  • Theft involving fiduciary relationship breaches

Anyone facing shoplifting charges should ensure they have someone who can help them to learn their options and move forward with a defense strategy. Doing this quickly is critical so they don’t have to present a rushed defense. 


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