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Does Georgia have DUI plates?

If you get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Georgia, you certainly need to know about your legal defense options. A conviction could lead to the loss of your driver’s license, you may have to spend time behind bars and you could end up paying fines. There can also be additional ramifications like the loss of a job if you can’t go to work or have limited transportation options, and you may need to pay more for car insurance in the future.

In some states, the government uses special license plates to identify those who have a DUI conviction on their record. Does Georgia use these types of plates and are you going to have to put them on your vehicle after an arrest?

A slight difference

In other locations, these license plates are very easily identifiable to anyone due to color and style, but Georgia uses a more subtle system. If a person has at least two DUIs on their record within five years, then they can be given special license plates. But all that is different is the series of letters and numbers printed on the plate.

This is still helpful to police officers who know what numerical pattern or series they should be looking for. They can identify which drivers have special plates and which drivers do not. But these plates don’t draw unwanted attention from others because someone who doesn’t work in law enforcement and isn’t familiar with the system is very unlikely to recognize these plates at a glance.

What options do you have?

Of course, the license plate you have to use may be low on your list of concerns compared to fines, jail time, a license suspension and more. Make sure you know about your criminal defense options.


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