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Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Theft & property crimes can have far-reaching consequences

There are many non-violent crimes one can be accused of. However, one type of crime that can have far-reaching consequences is theft & property crimes. Why is theft such a big deal? What factors can compound a theft accusation to make the charge more serious?

In terms of severity, there are lesser and more serious consequences, depending on the type of crime one is accused of. Shoplifting is one of the more minor infractions. However, if one has been convicted of shoplifting crimes, or similar crimes in the past or is on probation, the potential consequences could be heightened. Serious consequences could loom for those who are accused of aggravated robbery or theft that risked bodily harm to others.

Because many instances of theft may happen without a person present, these are generally the least dangerous for those involved. However, if a person is accused of multiple counts of robbery, the consequences could be heightened if they are convicted. At the Law Firm of Christopher T Adams PC, we know how much anxiety and uncertainty this can cause those who are accused of robbery.

The family of the accused will also likely be concerned about the impact the criminal charges could have. There are many more factors at play than just the person facing criminal charges. Criminal convictions can affect the rest of a person’s life because a convicted felon may have certain rights taken away. If you are facing criminal charges, you should contact an attorney to begin formulating your defense.


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