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Georgia contractor faces multiple theft charges

Being accused of a crime does not only place an individual in a predicament that could result in criminal penalties, but it could also result in a defendant’s personal and professional life being severely impacted. Thus, when allegations such as theft related to a person’s employment occur, a defendant should take the time to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the charges, helping them initiate a strong defense.

According to recent reports, a Georgia contractor was recently arrested. The 44-year-old man was accused of taking money from homeowners and failing to complete home renovations. These alleged crimes involved several homeowners located in three counties in Georgia.

The recent arrest occurred after a family apparently paid the contractor to complete $30,500 in home renovations, and the contractor failed to complete them. The couple did not hear from the contractor for months, and they began to receive calls from companies requesting payment for services completed. These were companies the contractor supposedly owes more than $21,000 to. Thus, the couple is facing homelessness due to liens being placed on their home by these companies.

The contracting faces two charges for conversion of payments for real property improvement and a charge for exploitation of disabled adults, elder persons and residents. These are not the only charges the contractor faces as he is faced with four theft by conversion charges and two elder exploitation charges in a second county as well as a theft by conversion charge in a third county.

Individuals accused of theft charges could face harsh penalties if convicted. Thus, it is important to understand the circumstances that resulted in these charges as well as the defense options available. Doing so could help a defendant reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges against them, helping them avoid serious consequences.

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