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Safeguarding your future with a strong strategy for defense

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, you might have concerns about how the process will affect your future. DUI charges carry severe penalties, and if convicted, you could be facing a variety of consequences that may disrupt your life in numerous ways.

Perhaps you maintain your innocence and wish to challenge the charges, but with little knowledge in the area, you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal. Taking the time to gain an understanding of some of the most prevalent strategies to challenge DUI charges could place you in a much better position to pursue a favorable outcome.

Potential strategies for drunk driving defense

When seeking to form a strong defense for drunk driving charges, the process may depend on your ability to question certain variables surrounding your arrest. Some of the more prevalent defense strategies may include the following:

  • Lack of probable cause:  Many drunk driving charges begin with a traffic stop for erratic driving behavior. If you can prove that you were in control of your vehicle and that the officer did not have probable cause to initiate a traffic stop, your case may result in dismissal.
  • Performance of field sobriety tests:  Failure to perform field sobriety tests in a satisfactory manner doesn’t always indicate intoxication, as a general lack of balance or poor lighting can also influence the results.
  • Results of breath/blood tests:  Although these tests are a common means to indicate intoxication, the devices used may require frequent calibration, and the results could be contestable.
  • Evidence:  The results of blood or breath tests might change hands numerous times before trial, and if mishandled in any way, the evidence against you may be inadmissible in court.

In some cases, an individual may also be able to argue that his or her actions were necessary or made under duress. With numerous crucial factors to consider, seeking guidance from someone with extensive knowledge in Georgia state DUI laws could be advisable.

Guidance in the process

With the potential weight of a drunk driving conviction looming overhead, you may wish to protect yourself from suffering unnecessary consequences. However, the process can be complex, potentially leaving you in search of advice on how to proceed. You could speak with someone with experience in handling such intricate matters for some much-needed guidance in forming a strong defense. By obtaining advice and assistance in the initial stages, you may become better prepared to pursue the best possible outcome during court proceedings.


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