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Man faces theft charges in Gwinnett following alleged robbery

Criminal defense rights apply in any situation when an individual has been accused of a crime. There are a variety of different criminal defense strategies and it is important for an accused individual to understand how those strategies relate to their situation.

According to recent reports, a 25-year old man is currently being held without bail in Gwinnett County on charges of theft and receiving stolen property related to an alleged armed robbery. The man is accused of taking 79 cell phones and other electronic devices, totaling greater than $2,000 in value, from a store. The arrest warrant was sealed by the judge and an assistant prosecutor was asked why the man was facing theft charges but not robbery charges, however, no response was provided due to the ongoing investigation.

According to authorities, additional robberies and other crimes are presumably related to this crime. In some instances, alleged crimes result in no one being charged; however, in other cases, other accused individuals have been charged as part of the larger investigation. Charges range from armed robbery to receiving stolen property. When charging an individual with a crime and potentially denying them their freedom and future, it is important that authorities follow required procedures.

If authorities fail to follow requirements of the criminal justice system or honor protections afforded the accused individual through the criminal justice process, it may be the basis for a criminal defense challenge in response to the criminal charges the accused individual is facing.

Accused individuals deserve to understand the evidence being used against them and to also understand the criminal defense process and how it protects them. Any individual facing criminal charges should familiarize themselves with their criminal defense rights and protections.

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