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Why did Georgia suspend my driver’s license?

Nowadays, it’s almost unimaginable to think of carrying out your daily tasks and duties without the use of a motor vehicle. This would likely prove as challenging as navigating life without the internet. Let’s face it. Georgia isn’t exactly a geographical hub for other types of public transportation such as subway or bus systems. Sure, some exist, but it’s far more common in this state to see people driving their own vehicles to reach their destinations.

Many people (perhaps you included) get pulled over by police a time or two (or more). Some situations lead to the suspension of your driver’s license, which causes all sorts of complications and problems in your life. If you’re worried about a particular situation, it might help to review a list of various reasons why the state might revoke or suspend your driver’s license.

Things that may place your license at risk

The Georgia Department of Driver Services issues driver license suspensions and revocations throughout the state. The most common reasons for doing so include the following:

  • No auto insurance: Anytime you drive a car, you must carry proof of valid automobile insurance assigned to the vehicle. Driving without insurance could lead to penalties that include substantial fines, loss of driving privileges or even time in jail.
  • Things that have nothing to do with driving: Many people incur driver license suspensions in connection with situations that have to do with child support or failure to appear in court in conjunction with other legal proceedings.
  • Too many points: If you’re convicted of a traffic violation, the state assigns points to your license depending on the violation. The accumulation of too many points often results in a license suspension. If this applies to you, you will most likely need to complete a defensive driving course in order to receive your license back.

If you’re worried about whether your license is valid, checking the status of it can help alleviate your concerns. It’s best to clarify any discrepancies as quickly as possible, since driving under a suspended license can lead to even harsher penalties if convicted. Other laws and regulations govern driving privileges in relation to criminal charges and convictions such as driving under the influence of alcohol or refusing to take a chemical test when lawfully requested to do so by police.

There’s also a distinct difference between traffic violations and criminal charges. If either circumstance places your driver’s license at risk for suspension, you could explore your options with an experienced Georgia attorney to increase your chances of avoiding conviction and minimizing the potential negative consequences of your present situation. If the state already suspended your license, he or she might provide you with options for reinstatement.


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