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Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Navigating charges of possession and intent to distribute

Facing drug charges can be a very freighting ordeal. The prospect of doing prison time compounded with the many other penalties drug charges can bring is a situation no one would want to find themselves in. While it may be easy to look back and point to mistakes made leading up to the charges, doing so will not help the current situation at all. First, it’s important to understand some of the drug charges that can be mounted against an individual.

Possession and intent to distribute are two serious drug-related charges, both of which carry the possibility of significant punishment. Felonies include possession of any amount of a controlled substance such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy or methamphetamine; any amount of prescription drugs such as Percocet and Vicodin; an ounce or more of marijuana. If large amounts of one of these substances are found in your possession — or smaller amounts of several of the drugs — the charge will often be increased to possession with intent to distribute.

These are not charges that can be taken lightly. If convicted, you could face years in prison or, if prior drug-related charges have been filed against you, a possible life sentence. This is an outcome no one wants to face, no matter the mistakes they may have made.

When facing such charges, it is important to have an attorney experienced with such matters on your side. Our law firm will aggressively defend your case, striving to come to the most optimal outcome depending on the severity of the charges and other factors.


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