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Journey drummer charged with rape

Fans of the group Journey may be surprised to hear that one of the band members now faces serious charges. Deen Castronovo, the band’s drummer since 1998, was recently charged with rape and other offenses.

After the alleged incident occurred, Castronovo was arrested on June 12, 2015. At that time, there were misdemeanor charges and he was later released on bail with strict orders to avoid all contact with the alleged victim. After the grand jury returned its decision, Castronovo was again jailed, but this time he faced much more serious charges that included rape.

He allegedly violated the court order to stay away from the alleged victim. Authorities believe that he both called and texted her. The messages ranged from suicide threats to apologies. Bail has been set at $200,000. For his part, Castronovo, who has previously faced domestic violence charges, admits to drug addiction. When released from jail, he is expected to report to rehab and remain there until the date of his trial.

Sexual assault in the state of Georgia is defined as a sexual act directed to someone or attempted on another person that is unwanted or not consented to by that individual and is clearly a serious crime to be accused of. Facing such a charge can be extremely stressful, but those in such situations should not resign themselves to a lost future. Proper legal guidance can help identify appropriate strategies that possibly could lessen the charges or ensure that all charges have the appropriate amount of facts behind them.

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