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How can Georgia spouses prepare for an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Divorce

Georgia divorces can be very frustrating and expensive. People may spend a year or longer trying to extricate themselves from unhappy marriages. The more that divorcing spouses disagree about, the longer it will likely take them to obtain a final divorce decree.

Litigated or contested divorces can be especially expensive and time-consuming. Uncontested divorces, on the other hand, often cost less because they require less time in court. People may also experience reduced stress levels during uncontested divorce proceedings because there is no uncertainty about the terms for custody matters and property division.

Choosing to negotiate or mediate

Each spouse usually retains their own attorney. Those lawyers can educate them about Georgia state law and what it will likely mean given their marital circumstances. For example, those familiar with the concept of equitable property distribution may have an easier time proposing a reasonable solution for the division of assets in a Georgia divorce than someone who doesn’t understand the law.

Sometimes, spouses negotiate directly with one another. Other times, they allow their lawyers to communicate about details as they will be less emotional and therefore more effective. If direct negotiations are unsuccessful, spouses may want to consider divorce mediation.

Mediation involves hiring another professional. A mediator is a neutral third party who has training in family law matters. They will facilitate a sit-down session with all parties or possibly go back and forth between the divorcing spouses to help them discuss the matters that currently trigger disagreements.

The cost of retaining a mediator is often far less than the cost of going to court to litigate the same issues. Those who commit to resolving matters amicably may eventually find a way to compromise. They can then sign an agreement acknowledging the terms that they set in mediation. That agreement will ultimately pave the way for an uncontested divorce filing.

Most people have to accept making certain concessions during divorce proceedings if they want to minimize the time spent in court. Concessions are likely even in litigated divorces, as judges do not employ a winner-take-all approach to either property division or custody matters. As a result, understanding how those embroiled in disputes achieve an uncontested divorce filing may benefit those hoping to exit an unhealthy marriage.



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