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Will I get a DUI for failing a field sobriety test?

You might have heard that if you fail a field sobriety test, you will automatically be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Like many things you hear or read, this is not necessarily true.

Failing a sobriety test does not make you guilty

Few tests of any description are infallible. It is possible to fail a school exam despite knowing the subject well. You could fail a lie detector test, despite telling the truth. Field sobriety tests are no different. People fail them for all sorts of reasons. Here are some:

  • You have poor balance: If you cannot stand on one leg in the calm of a yoga class, chances are you will not be able to when a pair of police officers are watching you. Several factors can limit your balance and coordination. These include ear infections and disabilities
  • You got confused: It is easy to get things wrong or misunderstand commands when the pressure is on. If you are not a native English speaker or the officer does not pronounce their words well, you may misunderstand them.
  • Your state of mind: Passing a test requires concentration on the task at hand. If you were on your way home from visiting your mother in the hospital, your mind might be elsewhere. If you were running late and knew your child was waiting on the street alone, you may have been agitated. Your emotions can affect your test result.
  • Your medication: If you are taking certain medications, they could affect your ability to complete the sobriety test tasks.

Many myths surround DUIs. To help you separate fact from fiction, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about DUIs. Continue to review our website for more information.


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