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Gwinnett county teen charged with DUI after wreck

Teens are somewhat notorious for causing trouble and misbehaving. However, there are different levels of troublesome behavior and when teens are accused of breaking the law or of injuring someone, these accusations can carry a lot of weight for everyone involved. Recently, a car full of teens was involved in a wreck in which the 3 passengers were seriously injured. The driver, also a teen, is facing criminal charges in relation to the crash.

According to reports, the crash happened on Hamilton Mill Road near the intersection of Tuggle Road. The Gwinnett County Police Department claim that the teen was trying to pass a double yellow line on a west-bound curve when he lost control of the vehicle. The three passengers suffered serious injuries after the vehicle crashed into a group of trees and one even had to be extracted from the vehicle after being trapped inside. The driver incurred superficial injuries.

After the crash, it was alleged that the young driver was intoxicated, and he now faces charges for drunk driving, serious injury by vehicle, driving with an open container of alcohol and several other offenses. The accused has been released on bond and it appears he will be tried as an adult in this case, not as a minor. Authorities allege that intoxication and speed were both factors in the crash.

If convicted, these charges can hold a lot of weight and will certainly impact the future for this young man. Because there were injuries sustained to the passengers in the crash, serious charges are often brought in lieu of lesser charges. This makes it unlikely that the charges will be lessened unless this is a specific bargaining strategy by the young man’s criminal defense. Usually this approach requires some sort of plea deal.

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