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Four men apprehended in Gwinnett County after drug bust

When thinking about the activities or items that could land a person in hot water with the law, drugs or too much to drink top the list in terms of the sheer number of incidences that happen in Gwinnett county in a given year. Of course, other alleged crime accusations do happen, but drug or alcohol-related criminal charges are fairly common. However, this doesn’t make them any less impactful, especially if those charges end up in convictions. Recently, several men were picked up in Gwinnett County and are facing drug charges.

Estimated street value of the drugs seized in the bust by authorities totals roughly 5 million dollars. It included hard drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. There was also a slew of cash confiscated, listed at $850,000 in the reports. After an investigation led them to a tire shop in Gwinnett County, agents conducted surveillance on the vehicles and upon a traffic stop, discovered 250 pounds of methamphetamine in the U-Haul. The second vehicle pulled over contained 25 pounds of cocaine.

Those traffic stops enabled officers to seek and approve a search warrant for the accused homes. There, more illicit drugs and cash were discovered. It appears that authorities are claiming that the drugs have been linked to the Mexican cartel. The initial joint investigation involved the DEA and local Gwinnett county authorities. Drug trafficking has been charged but the defendants also face possible deportation to Mexico. This doesn’t mean that they won’t face potential consequences in the United States.

The amount of drugs discovered in this case doesn’t make it surprising that authorities have linked the alleged crime back to the cartel. It isn’t clear what the fate of the 4 men apprehended will be. The amount of drugs allegedly seized by authorities must be a concern for them and their families. If and when they face charges in the United States, they will be held in compliance with Gwinnett county law and federal law.

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