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Revoked driver’s license could result from drunk driving charge

One of the best parts about being an adult is the freedom to do as you wish. Now, this isn’t without potential consequences, but having the freedom to make choices is a great part about being of legal age. However, with freedom comes the possibility to make a mistake that could result in consequences. One of the potential consequences of drunk driving is the potential for license revocation.

Drunk driving could happen without the knowledge of being over the legal limit, or maybe one knew that getting behind the wheel after a night out wasn’t such a good idea. Either way, the potential consequences are often the same if convicted of a drunk driving charge. Conviction can come with penalties, such as license revocation. When a person’s license is revoked, this means they can no longer operate a motor vehicle legally.

Usually license revocation is for a specific amount of time. Upon that time, a person can seek to reinstate their license. The process by which a person does this usually requires filling out paperwork and paying the associated fees. Driving under the influence of alcohol of drugs could easily result in license revocation if charged with drunk driving or DUI.

There are other potential consequences if convicted of an intoxicated driving offense. Georgia state law, or specific laws by county or city could impact the outcome as well. Having a license revoked is a serious loss in freedom. One could be affected by this is accused of drunk driving.


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