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Domestic violence conviction can impact more than you think

Sometimes people don’t always get along. While this can mean a lot of things from disagreements to arguments even to physical altercations, no-one wants to disagree to such a point with people in their lives. However, these things can sometimes get out of control to the point that yourself and loved ones can be involved in a domestic violence situation. Oftentimes, these stories have more than just one side.

When looking at a domestic violence situation, it’s often spouses and their families who aren’t getting along. These disagreements can stem from years of history or earlier instances that may explore at one less than flattering moment. Or it could be several instances in which a person is accused of domestically violent actions. Domestic violence can be physical but it can also be mental or emotionally abusive behaviors.

At the Law Firm of Christopher T Adams PC, we know how a domestic violence accusation can impact future situations for a person. If a person has children, it could impact their custody proceedings down the road, if ever such situation arises. It can bar a person from certain jobs or careers and can be associated with penalties like jail time, fines and other repercussions. That’s why it’s important to understand the gravity of domestic violence accusations and the potential impact they could have if one is convicted of such behaviors.

It isn’t always easy to address issues that you have had with your spouse or family head-on. However, addressing any behavioral issues a person may be accused of is the first step in the right direction. While bringing formal charges isn’t ideal, hopefully the full truth of a person’s relationship can come to light. One is permitted to tell their side of the story when accused of domestic violence.


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