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Man arrested in Gwinnett county for DUI and more after crash

The law exists for many reasons, but one of the most important is to benefit the safety of Gwinnett citizens and to promote their health and well-being. DUI and laws related to drunk driving have become increasingly more strict in hopes of preventing incidents of drunk driving as it has a proven to be linked to an increase in car accidents and other motor-vehicle related incidents that can cause serious injury. Because of this, a DUI or drunk driving related conviction can have a big impact on a person’s life.

One man was accused of DUI in Gwinnett county after he and his passengers were involved in a car accident with a police car parked on Interstate 85. According to Georgia State Patrol, the accused was driving a 2003 Ford Expedition south on I-85 in the sixth lane from the center median wall while texting. A marked Gwinnett County Sheriff patrol car was parked in the gore area between the sixth lane from the center median wall and the entrance ramp from Steve Reynolds Boulevard. The driver of the Expedition, who is accused of texting and driving, failed to maintain his lane of travel and left the roadway onto the right shoulder. Once on the right shoulder, the Expedition entered the gore area and struck the patrol car in the rear bumper with its front end.

The impact caused both vehicles to travel into the I-85 South entrance ramp lane of travel and came to an uncontrolled rest. The deputy was transported to a nearby medical facility for his injuries sustained in the crash while the driver and the three passengers of the Expedition were not injured. The driver was then charged with failure to maintain lane, driving within a gore or median, driving in violation of license restrictions, texting while driving and DUI related to drunk driving and alcohol. The man was able to post bond and is currently awaiting his day in court in relation to these charges.

Keeping a legal level of sobriety while operating a motor vehicle is something one should aspire to do. However, people do make mistakes and it can result in charges like DUI. Just like with any other criminal charge, a person has the right to their day in court and is innocent until proven guilty. The charges against this man are serious and will require a criminal defense in order to defend them to the best of their ability.


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