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Do you know how many points are on your driver’s license?

As a licensed driver in Georgia, you are no doubt aware of basic traffic regulations. As a conscientious resident and motorist, you do your best to adhere to existing laws and make responsible choices while driving. However, if you were to admit that there have been times when you missed a stop sign or traveled a bit over a posted speed limit, you definitely wouldn’t be the first person in this or any other state and, likely, will not be the last.

In Georgia, traffic violations are reflected against your driver’s license in a points-based system. Concerning most types of games or athletic competitions, the more points you get, the better. It is not like that when it comes to points on your driver’s license; in fact, the more you have, the worse off you are. Too many points and you are at risk for license suspension or, in worst cases, revocation.

Different violations accrue various amounts of points

Like many other states, Georgia uses a system where various types of traffic offenses correspond with different point amounts. The Department of Driver Services suspends your license if you get 15 points within 24 months. The following list breaks down the point system a bit further:

  • Most traffic tickets in Georgia account for two to six points per offense.
  • If you get pulled over for speeding, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will incur points against your driver’s license, especially if you did not exceed a posted speed limit by 15 to 18 miles per hour.
  • If a police officer writes you a ticket for traveling 15 to 18 miles per hour over a posted speed limit, you will typically get two points on your license.
  • You may also be penalized by two points if a police officer claims to see alcohol in an open container inside your car.
  • From 19 miles per hour to 23 miles per hour over a posted speed limit, you are likely to get three points against your license.
  • If a police officer cites you for driving aggressively, that may be worth six points.

As you can see, several occurrences in two years can quickly add up to 15 points that would place you at great risk for driver’s license suspension. It is often possible to request a copy of your Georgia driving record so you are fully aware of how many points you may have on your driver’s license at a given point in time.

Many motorists turn to experienced attorneys when facing legal problems related to traffic offenses. This type of guidance can mean the difference between severe penalties or driver’s license suspension and obtaining a much more positive outcome.

If a Georgia police officer pulls you over, you’ll obviously want to cooperate and comply to the best of your ability. However, stopping your vehicle at an officer’s lawful request does not mean you are throwing your rights away. To the contrary, every law enforcement agent is bound to adhere to strict protocol during traffic stops.

In the past, some Georgia motorists have avoided criminal convictions and also succeeded in keeping points off their driver’s licenses by asking experienced defense attorneys to represent them in traffic or criminal court.

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