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Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Strategizing a defense against theft charges

Facing allegations of a crime is a difficult predicament to be in. Just because an individual is accused of taking something, this does not mean there is no explanation for it or a defense that proves that the accused did not commit the crime. The state tends to build up a big case against a defendant; however, there are mechanisms to poke holes in their case, which in turn can weaken the evidence used to charge a person with a theft or property crime.

At the Law Firm of The Law Firm of Christopher T. Adams, P.C., our experienced legal team is dedicated at developing a strong and aggressive criminal defense for our clients accused of theft or property charges. With a detailed background in criminal law and yeas of experience, we are prepared to help defendants in the Lawrenceville area strategize a criminal defense.

From shoplifting to burglary, our law firm has handled a wide variety of theft cases. Whether you are a first time offender or have a criminal background, it is important to understand the charges against you and what defense options you might have. Our legal team looks at the details of your case, determining if any errors were made, any evidence was collected illegally and whether an affirmative defense exists. With the help of investigators, witnesses and experts, our goal is to ensure our client’s needs are met and their rights and interests are protected.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s theft & property crime website. Although it is an overwhelming experience, facing allegations of theft, there are ways defendants can reduce the impact of criminal allegations. By strategizing a criminal defense, it is possible to reduce or even dismiss the charges against you.


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