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Three men charged with robbery in Georgia

Theft charges are serious charges that can carry significant penalties. Thus, those accused of a theft charge such as robbery, should understand the charges they are facing, what consequences could result and ways a defendant could reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

According to reports, three men were recently arrested in Georgia following the robbery of a 49-year old man by masked men that reportedly threatened he man with firearms. The man said that money was stolen from him by the men dressed in dark clothing, asserting that one was carrying a rifle and the others were carrying handguns. The alleged suspects in the robbery were last seen running down the street following the robbery.

Shortly after, three men were arrested by police officers on the street two blocks east of where the robbery took place. The three men, ages 26, 24 and 18, were all arrested and charged with armed robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and other crimes. Robbery is typically defined as the taking of propertythrough force or the threat of force.

There are a number of components that can be associated with a criminal case including circumstantial evidence, witness statements and witness identifications. Witness identifications and statements may not always be reliable, and it is important to understand how to challenge evidence that is being used against the accused individual. Challenges to the evidence and charges the accused is facing can be used to reduce charges and penalties or even eliminate them altogether. This is depending on the circumstances.

Whenever an individual is accused of a crime such as robbery, it is important that they first understand their rights related to speaking with police, obtaining representation and his or her other criminal defense rights and protections. Accused individuals should be familiar with the procedures police are required to follow for the protection of accused individuals and how to mount a defense strategy when accused of a crime.

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