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Georgia legislator facing domestic violence charges

A Georgia state representative was recently arrested on domestic violence charges. The man is accused of punching his wife and pointing a gun at her. The alleged altercation occurred while the couple was fighting over possible infidelity. Authorities reported the 36-year-old legislator attacked his wife at their home. He is also accused of threatening to kill his wife and pointing a gun at her. The legislator reported to authorities that his wife accused him of cheating on her and attempted to strike him when he pushed her away.

The man was charged with felony first-degree domestic violence and a firearms charge for aiming the weapon at his wife. He received a $20,000 bond, cannot possess a firearm and cannot have any contact with victim. Criminal charges can be overwhelming and are unquestionably serious. Accusations and charges alone can disrupt the personal and professional lives of the accused individual, as well as threaten their freedom.

Domestic violence situations can be complicated and it is important that individuals accused of domestic violence are familiar with their criminal defense rights. The right to defend against criminal charges is available in all circumstances of criminal accusations, allegations and charges, including domestic violence charges. There are a variety of methods for handling sensitive domestic violence situations and it is helpful for accused individuals to be aware of those options.

Criminal defense rights are an important part of the criminal justice process. Individuals accused of any crime, such as family violence, should be familiar with how to develop a strong criminal defense strategy for the circumstances they are facing.

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