Theft and property crimes are serious criminal charges. When it comes to theft charges, it is important to understand how to navigate the criminal justice process. Felony charges can result from circumstances that may not initially seem as serious, such as the theft of property over $500 or entering property even when nothing is taken. In general, the range of property crimes are all serious and criminal charges associated with theft and property crimes should not be taken lightly.

Theft and property crimes that Georgia residents may find themselves facing can include: shoplifting; theft and felony theft; burglary or breaking and entering; robbery and armed robbery; auto theft; employee theft and embezzlement; and theft by check. In addition, the range of potential penalties for theft and property crimes is also serious. Potential punishments include: jail time; fines and fees; probation; community service; and a criminal record, in addition to serious consequences at a school, university or work.

It is important to fight criminal charges, including charges associated with theft and property crimes, especially when there is weak evidence against the accused individual or there has been a violation of the accused individual’s rights. It is also important to be familiar with how to challenge evidence against the accused individual and work within the criminal justice system to reduce or eliminate charges altogether.

Whenever a Georgia resident has been accused of a crime, such as theft charges, it is important for them to be familiar with their rights and how to enforce them. There are many criminal justice resources available to accused individuals and all should be considered, because so much is on the line when facing criminal charges and prosecution.