Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Attorney Christopher T. Adams

Trusted Attorney Providing Knowledgeable And Dedicated Representation

Criminal Defense From Shoplifting To Burglary

Judges and prosecutors hold the keys to alternative punishments for theft and burglary, especially for youths or first-time offenders. But a qualified defense attorney can unlock doors that might not be open to an inexperienced lawyer or the accused person who goes to court without representation.

Attorney Chris Adams has practiced in criminal defense since 1992. He has helped many clients get charges dismissed because of weak evidence or rights violations. He is skilled at negotiating lesser punishments for those caught red-handed. And he has won cases at trial.

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Handling A Wide Array Of Property Crimes

People don’t understand how easy it is to go from a small-time offense to serious criminal charges. For example, stealing a small electronic device or other merchandise becomes a felony if the items are worth $500 or more. Or if each member of a group of teens steals something at the mall, they can all be charged with felony theft if the total exceeds $500. Burglary is also a felony in many cases, and you can be charged merely for entering a home, business or abandoned building — even if nothing is stolen.

Shoplifting and theft defense attorney Chris Adams handles all levels of property crimes:

  • Shoplifting, theft and felony theft
  • Employee theft and embezzlement
  • Theft by check
  • Auto theft
  • Burglary or breaking and entering
  • Robbery and armed robbery

The potential punishments include jail, a criminal record, community service, probation, fines and fees, plus consequences at school or university.

Attorney Adams challenges the evidence to get charges dismissed or reduced. Was there intent to steal? Is there strong evidence linking our client to the crime? For juveniles or adults with a relatively clean record, there are opportunities to keep theft or even burglary off of one’s record. But these discretionary alternatives are not automatically granted — your attorney must give the prosecutor or judge a reason to deviate from the standard punishment.

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