Domestic violence is a serious concern for families but families in Georgia may wonder what it includes. It involves a pattern of behavior that is used to gain control over an intimate partner or family member. During 2008, there were 62,156 domestic violence incidents reported in Georgia. Domestic abuse is most often thought of in association with married or cohabitating partners but can include other family situations and circumstances as well. There are several types of abuse that may be used to exert power over the party being abused.

Physical abuse is one type of family violence that can include a number of physically violent behaviors. Domestic abuse can also include a variety of different types of sexual abuse which can include marital rape and other types of sexual abuse. Psychological abuse is another type of family violence that can include threatening behaviors and a variety of different types of psychologically abusive behaviors. Emotional abuse is still another type of family violence, as is financial abuse.

Issues of family violence can be complex which is why the legal process provides resources for individuals accused of domestic violence as well as those who have suffered abuse and harm. Individuals experiencing domestic violence may be able to obtain a protective order which can increase penalties a party accused of abuse may face. Individuals who have been accused of domestic violence also have important protections available to them through the criminal justice process.

Family violence can be a challenge for families and communities. Because of the serious nature of domestic violence and domestic violence allegations, the legal process provides resource and assistance to parties impacted by family violence concerns.

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