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Georgia attorney faces drug charges

Anyone can be accused of a crime. It does not matter your social economic status or your title. Everyone is subject to the criminal justice system. A criminal accusation of any kind can have devastating effects on a defendant’s ability to make a living or to rehabilitate their reputation in the community. Lawyers, despite the punchline of many jokes, are respected members of their communities. The discipline required to complete law school and pass the bar garners the admiration and respect of many. Recently, a Georgia attorney was arrested after allegedly distributing illegal drugs instead of legal advice.

The Mercer law school graduate, who owned her own criminal defense firm, is facing serious criminal charges. She has been charged with four counts of distributing Oxycodone and one count of distributing methamphetamine. The 35 year old president of the Macon Criminal Defense Lawyers has been released on $15,000 unsecured bond after being in the custody of US Marshalls.

A charge of drug distribution is a felony and carries serious penalties. Methamphetamines, and drugs like it, are characterized as a Schedule II drug. A first offense carries a 2 to 15 year prison sentence and fines to anyone who is convicted of distributing this drug.

First time drug offenders may have certain legal options that will decrease the penalties associated with a drug offense. A judge may order a conditional discharge for first time offenders. Instead of prison time, probation may be ordered. Once the terms of the probation have been fulfilled, all charges may be dropped. Anyone facing serious drug charges should seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney.

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